Tattoo Design

The very nature of my black and white pen drawings opens up the opportunity for them to be used as tattoos or the possibility of designing specific tattoos to later be replicated in a tattoo salon. 


Several tattoos have been designed on request. This has always involved several drafts and drawn examples of certain details followed by the drawing of the final piece during which the customer will be consulted frequently to ensure that the tattoo that they are delivered is exactly what they are hoping to take to the parlour.


Below you can observe some designs that have been drafted and are now inked.

Tattoo for Liv from Denmark - We first met in Brazil

Tattoo for Guilad from Israel - We first met in Bolivia... I think

Tattoo for the beautiful Julietta from Argentina - We first met in Buenos Aires

These three were designed for different friends from different countries. They may have them inked or they may not... Who knows

If I wasn't absurdly indecisive with regards to my art then I would have tattooed one of these two by now, but alas, I cannot commit.

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