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Above is a summary of the gifts that have been created before. However should there be something that you had in mind, that you cannot see here, feel free to inquire. 
I may very well try to create what you are looking for, if I think that I can still produce something of high quality to match your request.


Hand Painted Babushka Dolls (Russian Dolls)

These hand-painted dolls can be the ultimate in personalised gifts. Capturing the appearance and expressions of a family right now and immortalising this in a way that can be far more interesting than a simple photo or video ever could. The young ones especially love seeing themselves as well as "Mummy" or "Daddy" represented as these dolls. 

You can purchase these personalised sets costing £35 for 3 dolls or £40 for 4/5 dolls. 


Personalised Name Canvases

These personalised canvases make great gifts for young people. You could choose to include animals, sports, rockets, flowers, superheroes or cartoons - Whatever the recipient loves! 
Not including postage and packaging, these personalised canvases which are typically 50 x 20 cm are being sold at £20.


Similarly to the personalised name canvases above, these canvases can be done in a range of sizes. 

These canvases are bespoke and therefore can represent whatever you choose. 

The canvases below show previous pieces but it is possible to request things drastically different to what is shown below, if you would like me to create for you.

The cost of the canvas will depend of the size of the canvas and the number of hours it will take me to complete the painting. The cheapest canvas would be around £15 for a 20 x 25 cm canvas (8" x 10"). This price will increase with increasing size of canvas to a maximum of £40 for the very large canvases >100 cm x 100 cm (40" x 40")

Hand Painted Bespoke Canvases


These designs have the option to be a lot looser than anything produced on a canvas, with a greater sense of flow and colours blending together.


As the starting materials I will use are cheaper and easier to get, any requests for these are likely to be cheaper than a canvas painting. The cost of a painting will depend on the size and how many hours it takes me to complete. A typical watercolour paining on A3 would cost about £20 and an A4 £15 but this will vary depending on complexity of the piece.

Watercolour Paint on Watercolour Paper


Other Hand-Painted Items

Maybe you have something that you want painted that I haven't mentioned here. Perhaps a Rubiks cube,  a ukulele, or it could be a skateboard deck. Even something like a simple gift card.

Of course the nice thing about having me paint something to order for you is that it can be uniquely personalised! Why not write me a message and see what I think!

I have a blank skateboard deck which I would love to personalise and paint for one of you lovely people

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