Poison Apple

Letraset Promarkers and Sharpie pen

Fake news!

Unipin Fine Line Pen


Unipin Fine Line Pen

I first began learning how to draw in 2015. I started using little more than an office supply, ball point pen. As time passed, my skills with pens improved and I eventually purchased some professional Uniball art pens. 

Since then, over these past several years, I have developed my own personal style of drawing, which is typically rather detailed and this style is easily recognised throughout the vast majority of my artwork. 



The Way Home


Hey, Red

She burns like the sun

Top Cat

Inktober Day #1

The Queen


Majora's Mask

il pleut


No Running by the Pool

Nature's Chords

After becoming more comfortable with my black and white pen drawings, I became curious in alternative media. One such media was watercolour paint, which I found could enhance my artwork in many cases, even if I only used small amounts or only greyscale.

Then, two days before I started an eight month journey travelling South America, I was gifted a travel watercolour set from my sister, Paris. 

During my travels and in the months that have followed since, I have used these watercolours and I am becoming more confident and competent with every new painting.

Don't judge me




Bear with me

King Babar

And from death comes new life



I don't tweet much

Clockwork Corazon

So ....... what?

Whale hello there

Make it Snappy

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